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OCT8NE - The only live chat with co-viewer technology and integrated catalogue to help you increase the revenue of your e-commerce

Improve the communication with your customers
Actively show product of your catalogue in real time
Sell more using our marketing triggers

Oct8ne is a visual customer service live chat with integrated catalogue that is drastically changing the way we interact with e-commerce customers and how online purchases are made.

Through the co-viewer, both customers and agents can view images and videos of products in real time in the chat window. This function allows the customer service Team to show directly products from the catalogue, and serve the customer as they would have done in a real store minimizing the difference between online and offline shopping.

The Bot will quickly answer the visitors frequently asked questions and optimize the agents work so they can focus on giving personalized attention.

Oct8ne will also help you to:

● Foresee doubts and needs of your customers

● Filter and identify potential customers with the help of our Bot

● Optimize the time of your agents who can concentrate on sales, letting the Bot answer frequent customer questions

Oct8ne was launched three years ago in the United States, Spain and Latin America. Is now expanding its market in Italy, France, Holland and other Northern European Countries.



● VIsitor side

1. Shared product view: Visitor and agent see the same images at the same time. The customer can zoom, pan and point product of interest and get product suggestions from the agent.

2. Product browser: Search, filter and sort products instantly. Oct8ne uses your site's search engine without changing it.

3. Cart controls: ​With one click, easily add products to the cart or wish list without leaving the co-viewer panel.

4. Insight panel:​Easily access history of viewed, wishlist and shopping cart items.

5. Meaningful Dialog:​Live chat with an agent and get immediate answers to questions.

6. Instant image upload:​Upload a picture to more quickly explain what you need.

● Agent side

1. Shared product view: Visitor and agent see the same images at the same time. Zoom, pan and point. View all visitor actions and leave reminder notes for customers.

2. Inter-agent interactions: Smoothly transfer sessions to another agent or chat with a

co-worker to get help

3. Engagement toolbox: Capture contact info, send forms, connect by voice, upload images, and access library of frequently used phrases.

4. Session manager: ​Flip between multiple chats with ease and quickly prioritize who needs attention first with our color-coded system.

5. Customer insight panel: Easily access history of viewed, wishlist, and shopping cart items. Know what your customer wants in real time.

6. Assisted search & catalog: Conveniently search for products to recommend or tap into useful images and videos right at your fingertips.

7. Cart controls: With one click, easily add products to a cart or wishlist on behalf of the customer.

8. Increase Conversion: ​By allowing agents to focus on personalizing the shopping experience, they can talk to potential customers to close more sales by proactively offering products.

9. Artificial intelligence: I​t’s able to gather information and learn from the conversations it has with different users. This way, with each interaction it improves understanding and the type of response it gives.

Oct8ne can be easily installed, t​ry it for free​during 14 days!